What’s a chargeback? No, it’s not a particularly aggressive player on the football field, but if you get hit by one, it can still hurt. A chargeback, or charge reversal, or charge dispute (it’s a beast with many names) happens when someone asks their credit card provider to cancel a charge on their credit card …

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Issuing a refund

We charge and refund customers in USD. The amount customers receive back in their local currency may be different than what they initially paid due to differences in exchange rates. After issuing a refund Customers receive an email confirmation after a refund is issued. Credit card funds usually take 5-10 business days to appear on …

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Why customer payments fail

Customers can pay for your products on Edunomi using their credit/debit cards. Edunomi assumes all the risk and processing nastiness on your behalf, to make selling easy! That said, online payments are not as hassle-free as they ought to be, and there are a variety of reasons why a customer’s purchase might fail.  Ultimately, the …

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For customers

Customers do NOT need an account to buy on Edunomi A customer can purchase on Edunomi with or without an account. If they choose to create an account, they can do so before or after their purchase. Receipts and Invoices After purchases, your customer gets a receipt with the download link to your product. The receipt …

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Find a product’s URL

To find the URL of the incredible product you just created, you need to get to your product’s dashboard: Select the specific product and click on Copy URL and its done ! You can also find your product URL from the Share tab on Product Page: From the Share tab: Simply click Share and click Copy URL

Can I sell services?

The Edunomi customer experience is designed to be a 1:1 transaction. You pay money, and you get a product immediately – a PDF, Photoshop brushes, a movie, etc. A service can be defined as a one-off piece of work provided to a customer outside of Edunomi’s servers. That said, yes you can sell services on …

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Things not allowed

We do not allow any activity or content that promotes or encourages discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age. This includes any content sent out using our email services, or as part of any products sold on Edunomi in any capacity. To provide specific examples (though by no means an …

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Filling out payout settings

Filling out your ‘Payout settings’ allows you to accept credit cards and get paid out for those purchases later. Requirements: Choosing your account type First, choose how you will operate – either as an individual or as a business: Choose ‘Individual’ if you operate under your name (effectively as a sole proprietor) or do not have business …

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Account settings

Settings Any time you change something in your settings, be sure to save changes by clicking the Update Settings button at the bottom of the screen to ensure all changes are made permanent. Payout Your payout page is where you add the information that allows you to get paid from the products you sell on Edunomi. If you live in any of …

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Why choose Edunomi?

Edunomi is perfect for anyone who makes and sells products. Writers, travel agents, house rentals, musicians, filmmakers, SaaS developers, educators (and all in-between) can sell on Edunomi to a worldwide audience. Simple setup, powerful sales Once you create an account, you can start selling products on Edunomi quickly. Once your product is live, send your …

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