Class Marketing

Will Edunomi promote my class?

Edunomi promotes classes in weekly email blasts and social media posts. If your class lands near the top of our Trending page with positive reviews and student projects, it’s possible that you’ll see it featured in an email to our community.

How do I market my class?

Market your class to your networks using your class referral link and free access links. Learn all about our marketing tools in the Teacher Handbook.

How do I use my class referral link?

Access your class referral link on the left toolbar of your class. You’ll also find it in the Promote section of your class creator. 

Share your link with your networks to drive traffic to your class. With this link, students will be prompted to sign up for a Premium Membership with their credit card, but they’ll get their first 14 days for free!We’ll give you $10 for every student who signs up for a Premium Membership through your link.

How do I create a free access link for my community?

Head to the Promote section of your class creator, and scroll down to the bottom. Create a new free access link and enter the number of students you’ll be sending it to in the Quantity box. Share the link that’s generated over email, or use the Facebook and Twitter buttons to post it to your social networks.