Class Reviews

Where are my class reviews displayed?

You can locate all of your class reviews in the “Reviews” tab of your class. Note that the number indicated next to “Reviews” within the tabs includes reviews that were posted in Edunomi’s previous review system.

The level of your class will also be displayed in your class’s “About” tab, alongside the number of students and projects in your class. Learn more about how the level of your class is determined.

In addition, you’ll receive an email each time a student posts a new review in your class. The email will also include the student’s private feedback about how your class can be improved, which only you can see.

What type of information can students provide in their reviews?

The class review form will prompt students to answer a handful of questions about your class, including how well it met their expectations, what level of experience it’s best suited for, what they enjoyed most, and what can be improved. They’ll also have the opportunity to provide more details in an optional written comment.

Student responses to the “What could be improved?” question will be shared with you privately via email and will not be visible within your class.

Does my class receive an overall review score?

No – there is no overall score calculated for your classes based on reviews. Instead, we show three graphs at the top of your class’s “Reviews” tab indicating the average level selection, what students liked the most, and a percent breakdown of how well your class met student expectations.

How is the level of my class determined?

When publishing a class on Edunomi, you’re required to specify a level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or All Levels) within the class creator. The level you select is what will be displayed to students in the “About” and “Reviews” tabs of your class until you receive 5 student reviews, at which point, the average student selection will be displayed. The level you originally selected yourself will be accounted for in the average.

How do I see reviews on my classes that were added through Edunomi’s previous review system?

To see reviews from Edunomi’s previous system, head to the “Reviews” tab of your class and scroll down until you locate the “Reviews Archive.” Note that students are welcome to edit their old reviews into the new system.

Can I respond to an individual review or flag it to Edunomi?

It is not possible to respond to individual student reviews at this time. If you believe that a review in your class may violate our Community Guidelines, please email us at