Customers do NOT need an account to buy on Edunomi

A customer can purchase on Edunomi with or without an account. If they choose to create an account, they can do so before or after their purchase.

Receipts and Invoices

After purchases, your customer gets a receipt with the download link to your product. The receipt will also hold a license key, if you create license keys for one of products. 

How do payments made via credit/debit cards work?

Customers can pay with various credit cards on Edunomi, either by directly entering their cards, or using Apple Pay or Google Pay. They have the option to save their card in their Edunomi account, if they have one. We automatically charge VAT or AU GST, if needed, and the money without the VAT will be added to your balance. (We remit VAT for you, so you never have to deal with this on Edunomi)

To process payments with credit cards, we use the payment processor Stripe. Credit card sales will be added to your balance and are paid out on Fridays.