How to download the Edunomi app

Edunomi is available on many devices. The Edunomi app may come pre-installed or you may need to download it.

Downloading Edunomi on smartphones and tablets

To install Edunomi, follow the link for your device from your smartphone or tablet.

Using Edunomi on computers

Edunomi can be accessed from your internet browser by visiting and signing in or creating a new account. If you have a Windows 8 or Windows 10 computer, you can also download the Edunomi app for Windows.

Using Edunomi on smart TVs, streaming media players, game consoles, set-top boxes, or Blu-ray players

Most devices provide Edunomi as a pre-installed app that you can access from the main menu, or from an Edunomi button on your remote. If you can’t find Edunomi from the main menu or remote, it’s possible that your device has an app store you can download the Edunomi app from. If you can’t find the app store or don’t see Edunomi offered, contact your device manufacturer to learn how you can access Edunomi.