Leaving Class Review

How do I leave a class review?

Providing class reviews is a great way to support the teachers you love and help other students find high-quality classes on Edunomi!

To leave a review on a class, head to the “Reviews” tab beneath the video player of the class, and on the right-hand side, click “Leave Review.”

What type of information can I provide in my class review?

The class review form will prompt you to answer a handful of questions about the class, including how well it met your expectations, what level of experience it’s best suited for, what you enjoyed most, and what can be improved. You’ll also have the opportunity to provide more details in an optional written comment.

We ask that you are honest, generous and respectful with your feedback to positively contribute to the community and help teachers improve their future content. Keep in mind that class reviews are not a space to provide site-related feedback or report technical issues. Instead, contact us here so that our Support team can help you out right away!

How do I edit or delete my class review?

To edit a review, head to the “Reviews” tab of the class, and click the “Edit My Review” button on the right-hand side. You can also edit your review by locating your review in the list of all reviews for the class within the “Reviews” tab and selecting the “Edit” button beneath it.

To delete a review, locate your review in the list of all reviews for the class within the “Reviews” tab, and click the “Delete” button beneath it.

How do I update a review that was added through Edunomi’s previous review system?

In October 2018, we updated our review system to improve the way we collect feedback. You are welcome to edit any old reviews you wrote into the new system!

To do so, head to the “Reviews” tab of your class, locate your review in the “Reviews Archive” and select “Edit.”