Taking a Class

Skills You Follow

When you’re logged into your account and on the homepage of Edunomi.net, you can have a curated list of classes that contain the specific skills you want to learn.

On the bottom of the homepage, you’ll see the list of skills you follow. If not, you can follow the steps below to see that list:

  1. Search and select any class that interests you.
  2. Click on the class and go to the “About” tab under the video.
  3. On the right-hand side, you’ll see “Skills in this Class”.
  4. Hover and follow the skill(s) you’d like.
  5. Go back to the homepage.
  6. On the homepage scroll down to the bottom, there you’ll find the Skills You Follow and the option to edit it.
  7. Choose edit and a pop up box will appear, then you can start adding the skills you’d like to follow.
  8. Click Done when you’re finished.

How do I find a class to take?

We offer more than 20K classes in 4 main categories (Creative, Business, Technology, and Lifestyle) and over 30 subcategories.

You can adjust the Skills you Follow at the bottom of your Home page to improve your recommendations.

If you’d like to check out other classes, go to our main Classes page by clicking Browse > Classes at the top of the page. To filter the classes, simply scroll down and click any of the See All buttons.

On the next page, feel free to filter your search results as you please! You can sort by TrendingPopular, or New classes. You can also filter by Class type (Premium / Free), Social (Teachers I Follow), and Class Length by ticking on the boxes that you’d like to apply to your search.

How do I start a class?

Once you’ve found a class, check out the class description under the About tab to make sure it’s the right class for you. Then, simply start watching the videos. That’s it! Check out the Your Project section to see what you’ll create, and take a look at other students’ work in the All Projects section. Visit the Community section to ask questions and get to know other students watching the class. 

Why does it look like my class has already started?

Edunomi classes are ongoing, so new students are always getting started and sharing their projects. It’s never too late to join! 

How do I interact with other students?

Interact with other students by commenting on their projects, uploading your own work on the Projects & Resources tab, or starting a conversation in the Community section of your class.

Get the most out of your class experience by engaging with your classmates and using their feedback to improve your work!

How do I post and edit a project?

There are three ways to post projects on Edunomi!

  1. If you’re using the Edunomi App, check out our guide on how you can upload a project via the app!
  2. If you’d like a create a project for a specific class you are taking, head to the “Projects & Resources” tab within the class. From here, click “Create Project”, follow the prompts relevant for your project, and then click “Publish” once finalized.
  3. You can also upload a project directly to your profile. Do this by clicking on the “Edit Profile” button at the top of your profile page, then click on the “Create Project” box. Uploading your work from outside of Edunomi (i.e. for your job, for a client, or just for fun) on your profile is a great way to showcase your skills and get discovered on the platform! 

When uploading content to your project, you are able to select a Cover Image for your project by clicking “Upload Image”. The cover image is the image that is displayed on your profile, and the ideal size for this is 690 x 388 pixels.

If you’d like to add images within the body of your project, click the “Image” button under “Add Content”. Your in-project images should be 1000 x 690 pixels for them to display properly, and cannot exceed 2MB in size.