We do not allow any activity or content that promotes or encourages discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age. This includes any content sent out using our email services, or as part of any products sold on Edunomi in any capacity.

To provide specific examples (though by no means an exhaustive list), you cannot:

  • Threaten any specific individual
  • Incite violence against a specific person, place, or group
  • Share private information about a citizen without their permission

High-risk products

As identified by our payment and regulatory partners, certain product types are not allowed on Edunomi due to their higher likelihood of being associated with fraud and chargebacks. 

Please see for a comprehensive list of the items you can’t sell on Edunomi. Some common such products are:

  • Reselling software that you’ve purchased in the past, like Windows 10 license keys, etc.
  • IPTV subscriptions
  • Web hosting or servers
  • Tickets to events or using Edunomi to process money for events you are hosting
  • Reselling ebooks that you have reseller rights to (PLR products)
  • Selling physical goods (new or old) that you didn’t create or own the rights to
  • Selling jewelry
  • Selling Steam keys or hacks to other websites
  • Selling physical products that violate our terms of service or federal laws of the US, like CBD-related businesses.
  • Pornography or content that displays actual humans engaging in sexual behavior (artwork is generally ok)
  • Services that are fulfilled outside Edunomi’s purview.
  • Food products, medical products, and beauty products
  • Credit repair ebooks or services, or products that discuss credit improvement
  • Gift Cards
  • Products that feature cruelty to animals

Dealing with violation of our Terms

If you share, promote, or sell content that violates the guidelines listed above, it is a violation of our Terms of Service. 

If your product is found to violate our Terms, the product will be removed but you will still be allowed to operate the account.

On the second violation, you will be given a two week notice, paid out for your remaining sales, and your account will be deleted.