Uploading and Editing Your Class

Can I delete my class?

If you wish to remove your content from Edunomi, please reach out to us at help@Edunomi.net. Just to note that if we do remove your class content, it will also remove any reviews or student followers you received through that class.

Where do I upload my class content?

Create a class draft by heading to www.Edunomi.com/teach. Your draft is where you’ll upload all your class content, including your video lessons. You can save your draft and come back to work on it whenever you’d like.

How can I find my class draft?

Log into your Edunomi account, and head over to the Home page.

At the top of your Home page, you’ll see Classes You’re Teaching, and a See Classes button to the right, which will take you to all your classes (drafts and published).

How do I publish my class to Edunomi?

Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your class, simply click the blue Publish button on the top right of your draft. Unless you opt to make your class available for free, you’ll be prompted to enter in your verified Paypal email address so that you’ll be all set to receive payments. Click to confirm, and your class will be live on Edunomi! Find it in the Recently Added section of the site.

How do I change my class cover image?

To change your class cover image, head to the Video Lessons section of your draft, and click Replace Cover Image on the top right corner of your first video lesson. Upload any image you’d like.

How do I attach files to my class?

To attach additional resources to your class such as a project guide or a copy of your class slides, head to the bottom of your Class Project, located in the Class Overview section of your draft. Select the Attach a File link at the bottom to upload your files.