Edunomi processes all transactions in United States Dollars.

That means your items can be displayed in one of the many currencies we offer (see below), but ultimately we charge your customers the equivalent cost in USD. Edunomi uses real-time exchange rates to convert purchases to USD for processing.

What does this mean for getting paid? 

For all credit/debit card-related sales:

If you live in one of the following our direct-deposit countries: 

Edunomi pays you out in your native currency. Your balance remains in USD, but you are paid the equivalent in your local currency at the current exchange rate on the day of your payout. Edunomi pays all necessary fees to get you the exact USD equivalent.

So, to make that easier: 

If you live in the UK, you are paid out in GBP. If you live in Australia, you are paid in AUD. If you live in Canada, you are paid in CAD. If you live in the USA, you are paid in USD. If you live in the EU, you are paid in Euros. Singapore? SGD. Switzerland? Chocolate. (Just kidding.) 

If you live in any other country, we pay you out via Wise. You will be paid in USD weekly.